Strawberry fro-yo

October 23, 2017 RR 0

450g strawberries (frozen + thawed works best) 3/4 cup sugar 1/2 Tbs vodka 1 1/2 tsp lemon juice 1 1/2 cups Greek yoghurt (whey strained …read more


Basic chicken curry

July 5, 2017 RR 0

Simple, quick and mild.  Oh and yum.  And healthy.  (note: pic is sans “curry juice” as the kids call it). RECIPE (serves 5-6 depending on how …read more


Semi-street beef pho

July 5, 2017 RR 0

This is a quick but still “street” authentic Vietnamese noodle soup.  It’s super tasty and perfect for a cold winter’s day. RECIPE (serves 2 – …read more


Nathan’s waffles

July 5, 2017 RR 0

I don’t make waffles, Nathan does.  His are always light, fluffy, crunchy on the outside and they don’t stick to the waffle iron.  Perfection. RECIPE …read more


Paleo egg cups

May 7, 2017 RR 0

Paleo. Did our cave ancestors really eat bacon? Doubtful, but every so often my body needs a rest from carbs and these are delicious hot …read more


The green dressing

November 15, 2016 RR 0

I can’t make myself use the word goddess.  But this is a version of that creamy greenness.  Works really well over salad or toss through …read more


Man flu cure

June 19, 2016 RR 0

Chicken soup for the woman’s soul. Because sick men are very annoying… 1 liter chicken stock (preferably bone broth) cooked chicken, shredded a large handful …read more

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