photo I am Rae.  Rae, a drop of golden sun…  get it?  no?  try singing it.  This should help those who aren’t familiar with The Sound of Music.

This blog is to share what I know - but mostly so I never have to distribute recipes again.  I also know some stuff.  Stuff about gardening, stuff about nutrition, fitness and wellness, stuff about good enviro-hippy living and happiness.  I didn’t know much about children, however the my kids (Miss 10 and Master 8) have taught me many things.

I’m a daughter, a sister, a partner, a parent, and a businesswoman.  I have travelled extensively and lived in Europe, Africa and Australasia.

Home is the coastal suburbia of Perth in Western Australia.  We share it with Maggie, a small scrawny whippet looking dog and 4 chooks (Coco and Chanel the 2 fat French faverolles, Foxie the rescue Isa Brown and Sally the Hi-Line brown egg machine).

chooks IMG_2211
Chooks: Chanel and Foxie meet baby Sally The loyal hound: Maggie May

After a grossly over-complicated time in my life, I highly value my simple honest life. My existence is peaceful and I am unapologetically me.


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