Bali Bali Bali!

Resort-Baruna-Bali-420x0My first trip to Bali was a pet tiger away from the script of The Hangover. Oh hell, there could have been a tiger for all I knew. Shrug!

I was newly single on a girls trip with a giggling free spirited companion. It was all about fun and we had a licence to have it. I came home with an illegal blood alcohol level, a piece of glass I acquired from a dance floor still firmly stuck in my left foot and my mojo back. Life sure wasn’t over for this girl yet.

Five years on and I’m returning to the holiday island or what is commonly known here as “the other shire of WA”. This time with the wine guy, Miss 10, Master 8 and the wine guy’s little guy, Master 5.

This time I will keep my thongs on if I dance and I probably won’t order “two green goldfish bowl drinks!” over the thumping beat whilst sliding around in a sea of bubbles. I definitely won’t kiss that guy who’s claim to fame is his dad is doing life for… (I didn’t get past that).

Fun for me this trip will be swimming around in the fuzzy tropical humidity, sipping my beer and watching the children delight at the small wonders of our holiday. Miss 10 and her simple ladylike wish for a drink that has fruit and little umbrella on the side, Master 8 and the wine guy’s little guy both wide eyed and fidgeting with excitement about Waterbom park…

Selamat jalan! Tune in for my return post detailing the thrills and no doubt spills of our family Indonesian adventure.