Bali – into the pool

Customs and Immigration – half an hour of your life you are never getting back. Somewhere amongst the white noise of niggling kids shines some pure gold. “I can spell face” announces the wine guy’s little guy. “F.A.E.C.E”. I giggle. Master 8 looks confused. Miss 10 rolls her eyes and cringes. “Faeces?”

We escape the airport and arrive at the Baruna Holiday Inn. The hotel is quite frankly a lot grander than expected. Miss 10 whispers to me “I can’t believe WE are staying here!” (like we aren’t the family that shared chunks of Oreo in a coke).

The rooms are immaculate, the staff are smiley and welcoming. The pool is lovely with the beach as a backdrop.

imageThe first swim up Bintang beer tastes good, the second even better. The kids are off doing whatever splashy things kids do in a pool. I silently congratulate myself for investing in swimming lessons/surf life saving and begin to zone out somewhat and relax.

The bar snack “street food” was way more ‘street’ than expected. Watery soup with cabbage and bally things in it. Nothing was yuck, but it wasn’t great. The food bogan however, found her indo culinary wings and buried her head in the glass noodles and cabbagey soup. “So good!” she exclaims, coming up for air and lounging in the cabana.

“I’m not doing anything for myself this week, the hotel will do it” adds Master 8, contentedly starfished and adjusting well to holiday life…