Bali – tourist time at Waterbom and Bali zoo

beaverWaterbom.  It has everything.  And beer.

The day we visited ‘jager boms’ were on the specials board at the mandatory Balinese swim up bar.  A few of those would make the ‘boomerang’ ride pretty interesting.

The expected questionable children’s T shirts (pictured) were on sale at the front door and that’s where my expectations ended.  Unexpected was the sophisticated ‘splash cash’ and locker set up, reasonable entry fee and modern facilities.

Singles and cursed 3 children families can breathe a sigh of relief.  All the 2 person tube rides can also be ridden solo in a single tube.  Hallelujah.

Furthering my feel good experience, there are ‘calories burnt’ signs at every stair level.  Those of us who attacked the waffle cart at breakfast can count how much of that maple syrupy goodness we’ve climbed away.

To summarise – rides are great, food and facilities are great, I’d struggle to fault anything.  I guarantee Waterbom will make you happy as a wet beaver.


parrot1 Zoos.  They are all the same right?  Mostly yes, but Bali zoo had a couple of quirks that made it less mainstream.  Take the picture to the left for example.  That giant parrot is actually licking the crack in my fingers.  Definitely a first for me (and Miss 10 who’s puzzled face was worth her entire entry fee).

I’ll warn you I’m not a fan of zoos.  Despite the very best care zookeepers lovingly bestow upon the animals, a bunch of wretched shivering meerkats huddling around a heat lamp during the Perth winter isn’t a great sight for any animal lover.

Bali gets it right.  There is an assortment of mostly Asian animals.  Humidity and heat loving beasts all happily going about their business.  It’s the best case scenario.

The other best-ness is the ability to interact with the animals.  A petting zoo area with carrots to feed an assortment of replete rabbits, baby venison (I’m not sure exactly what they were) and other little creatures.

Giant parrot type birds are available for holding and are mostly well behaved if you don’t mind a little finger licking.

At the main restaurant area there is an opportunity to hold a bear cat (yeah I didn’t know what that was either – think huge fat cat cross sun bear) and a giant python large enough to swallow a small child (and it’s bicycle).

Summary – a small well maintained zoo with some interesting creatures and enough wow factor to make it worth a visit.  Food’s pretty good too.