Semi-street beef pho

July 5, 2017 RR 0

This is a quick but still “street” authentic Vietnamese noodle soup.  It’s super tasty and perfect for a cold winter’s day. RECIPE (serves 2 – …read more

viet prawns

Viet prawn salad

January 9, 2016 RR 0

When I consider a new recipe, the majority of the ingredients have to be either in my cupboards or in the garden.  This is a …read more


Tagine chicken

August 23, 2015 RR 0

Scored some free chicken legs. What to do with them? Tagine! 1.2kg chicken pieces 1 1/2 cups of chermoula marinade 1/4 cup peanut oil 1 …read more


Chorizo carbonara

January 15, 2015 RR 0

I’ve avoided carbonara all my life.  The idea of bacon, cream and cheese on pasta makes my gall bladder ache with expectant horror.   The …read more


Winter chicken salad

June 21, 2014 RR 0

I was inspired by a disappointing meal. I ordered this at a restaurant, imagining delicious roasted root vegetables, sticky with browned pan goodness and perhaps some stray …read more



May 4, 2014 RR 0

The wine guy occasionally makes me this amazing fresh-tasting and healthy dish, simply called “Summer”.  It contains an abundance of one of my greatest joys, the tomato. My obsession with tomatoes …read more

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