Garden witchcraft – free food FTW

Aside from tradie butt cracks, sausage guzzling and staff that have magical disappearing powers, there is something else that bothers me at Bunnings.  People buying tomato and pumpkin seedlings.  W.T.F.

Gardening can be challenging.  Keeping certain plants alive can be tricky business.  But nature throws us a bone sometimes too !

I’m going to start with my staple spring time planting.

Step one.  Buy a pumpkin and some tomatoes you like.  So far so good.

Step two.  Scoop the seeds out and dry them.

Step three.  Plant them.

It’s truly that simple.  Let’s start with pumpkins.  Butternut and Japanese are my favourites – just scoop out the seeds and let them dry in a container.  Then plant them in well fertilised soil in the sunshine.  They can tolerate really rich soil, so don’t be afraid to overfeed them.

Tomatoes.  Y’know those really expensive multi-coloured ones you bought for that salad to impress your friends – or trickery to get your kids to eat tomatoes?  Buy your last punnet.  Take one or two of each colour and carefully ease the seeds out onto a paper towel.  Dry.  Then cut/tear out bits of the seedy paper towel and plant directly into well drained soil in a sunny patch in your garden/planter tub.  The paper towel will become worm food and the seeds will do their thing.

seedsHere’s some grape tomato seeds Master 9 and I did tonight.