Gingerbread art – now in living colour

Gingerbread art. Like cloud shapes or those mysterious star constellations – you need to apply some imagination.

As promised, here is a picture of our latest school holiday art session.

“So tell me about that one there” I enquire and prepare to be amused. Master 8 proudly informs me “this one is a dreadlocks Rasta man with a spray can doing some graffiti”. He quickly adds “but he’s a graffiti artist, he’s not messing up the trains or someone’s wall or anything”. I nod gravely.

I point and the poor ginger covered in small blobs “what’s he doing?”. The boys eagerly inform me “that’s his gun, those are bullets and on the side are grenades!”.

Miss 10 has created a cyclops. My questioning is met with disdain. “She only has one eye because it’s a side view” she scowls impatiently. “Can’t you tell by the hair?”.

I recommend having a go at these – even just to enjoy seeing your child’s inner psyche laid before you in gingerbread.

In the meantime can you find the graffiti rasta, ginger Rambo, the safety rollerskater (with knee pads) or the side profile skateboarder chick?