Kitchen witchcraft – CF0 ribs

ribs2Care. Factor. Zero.  That’s the effort required to make these delicious sticky ‘fall of the bone’ tender ribs.

I think I’d tried every which way possible to prepare and cook ribs.  Results were average at best.

Then it happened.  A perfect storm of end of month poverty, empty cupboards and zero will power to cook collided and the CF0 ribs were created.


500ml BBQ sauce
A rack or two (or few) of short pork ribs
Sugar, if you’re a sweet sticky kid

BBQ sauce.  There are lots out there.  Some with smokey goodness, some with bourbon…  the trick is to choose something you like.  Tip: kids don’t tend to dig smokiness or bourbon, so I stick to plain old masterfoods for mine.  Get your finger out and taste that BBQ sauce.  Now picture it one or two levels more vinegary tasting.  If you are ok with that, leave it be.  If that’s too sour for you, add one or two teaspoons of brown sugar.  Other optional additions: paprika, garlic, bourbon.  Just mix it in with the sauce.

Coat the ribs in the BBQ sauce and place in the slow cooker sunny side up – like a bridge (not a boat) curve wise.  It’s ok to stack them a little if there is a space issue, just ensure they are all coated with the sauce.

Add the remaining BBQ sauce to the slow cooker.

DO NOT SPLASH IT ON THE SIDES OF THE SLOW COOKER.  BBQ sauce is a sugary condiment and any small bits will burn and stink up your house.

Cover and cook the ribs on high for 5 hours.

ribsVery carefully, remove the ribs and put on a lined baking tray.  Bake for a few mins at 200 C until they are golden caramel jammy looking.

Serve, eat Flintstone’s style surrounded by sticky fingers and happy faces.


  1. Well, I gave Rae’s Ribs a crack. Sounds violent when you put it that way! They were AWESOME. Hubby says they’re the best he’s ever tasted. Followed your recipe exactly, well almost, only used half of your recommended BBQ sauce and half of our favourite one.

    You were right, the meat fell right off the bone. Thanks for the recipe, they’ll be a regular at our house.


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