Kitchen Witchcraft – mango frozen yoghurt

It’s a rare gross sticky humid night in Perth and I want a McDonalds sundae. Problem is my person volume (of a 12 year old) doesn’t facilitate my alcohol volumes. The idea of DUI after one beer with kids in the car isn’t worth the risk. Fortunately I froze those mango cheeks earlier this week…

This dessert/treat is so healthy you could have it for breakfast. And it’s serious yummy summer dreaminess.


Frozen mango cheeks – 4 cheeks for 3 greedy people
Plain natural yogurt – about half a cup
Maple syrup – a gloop, maybe a Tbs

Cut the mangoes into smaller pieces so your food processor doesn’t walk across the bench in protest.

Put the mangoes and half the yoghurt into the food processor and pulse until it demands more liquid. Add a gloop of maple and a little more yog and scrap down the sides. Pulse some more until it looks like ice cream, with stiff peaks/swirls. (You may need to add more yoghurt and pulse again until it’s right).

Spoon into cones/bowls/mouths. It will begin to melt rather quickly (if you live in Perth).

Tonight I served this to my kids with that terrible canned squirty cream and a drizzle of maple syrup. Just because it’s Wednesday.