Slow cooker chicken sketti

“It’s chicken cacciatore” I tell the inquisitive children as they peer into the slow cooker.  They screw up their faces.  “Yuck, the chicken caught a what?”.

“Sigh! it’s chicken sketti” I explain.  “ooh YUM!” they reply.  Sold.

If your kids like spag bol and you want a ridiculously easy dinner, chicken sketti is for you.  Aside from the convenience, it’s super low fat and high in all sorts of good things from the tomatoes.


2 chicken breasts diced
1 500ml bottle of passata
2 cloves of garlic, crushed
half an onion diced finely (I have an onion hater in the house, so go a whole onion if you don’t)
1 heaped tsp of dried basil
1 heaped tsp of dried oregano
1 tsp raw sugar
a couple twigs of thyme

Place everything into the slow cooker and stir carefully til combined.  Wipe any splashes from the sides, they will burn and that’s just gross.

Cook on low all day and come home to an amazing smelling house.

Cook some spaghetti (or whatever pasta you like) and toss through some chicken mixture in each bowl.  (Make sure you take out the thyme twigs).

My kids like a bit of grated cheese over the top.  The wine guy and I sprinkle some dried chilli and fresh parmesan.