The LJ frittata

Is it still cool to like Lorna Jane? I don’t think I’m quite hip enough for Lululemon anyway. I was given a Lorna Jane magazine recently. It was all clothes, then recipe!

Now the fussy faverolles are laying again, I thought I’d try this eggie recipe. I changed a couple of things (I don’t do goat’s cheese) and I’m hooked. If you come over, that’s what’s for lunch.


Half a kumara (sweet potato) or a 2 handfuls of of pumpkin cut into small pieces – or a mix of both
Coconut oil or olive oil
half a red onion, diced
3 asparagus spears, trimmed and cut into bite size pieces
a handful of chopped basil (less if you aren’t a massive basil kid)
4 eggs
a tablespoon or so of icy cold water
Persian feta – add to taste
chilli flakes if you like


Drizzle your roasting tray with a little oil. Add the kumara/pumpkin and roast at 200 C until browned lightly and tender.

Heat a little oil in a small frypan (approx. 20cm), cook onion until soft. Add asparagus and cook for a about 3 mins until tender.

Add roasted kumara/pumpkin to the pan, sprinkle with basil and toss gently.

Whisk eggs and water until frothy.

Pour the egg mixture into the pan, sprinkle with the cheese and chilli.

Cook on a very low heat until the sides look set. Turn your oven to a medium grill and place the pan under for a few mins. The frittata will puff and go golden.

Loosen the sides and it should slide out onto a place. Perfecto. Garnish with more basil or serve with a green salad.